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Regicide guide

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Regicide guide Empty Regicide guide

Post by Vectimyr on Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:02 pm

Skill/Other Requirements:
10 Crafting
56 Agility
The ability to defeat a level 110 Tyras Guard

Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Pot, Pestle and mortar, 4 Balls of wool,, a Bow and arrows, Spade, any Pickaxe, Rope (2-3), Raw rabbit, and Coal (15-20).

Items Recommended for Quest:
A woodcutting axe, tinderbox, a weapon and armor, Prayer potions, Food, Antipoisons, Agility potions (if you have 53-56 Agility), Teleport methods to Ardougne, and Falador.

To Start:
Receive a message from the King's messenger (Random Event).

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Regicide guide Empty Walkthrough

Post by Vectimyr on Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:16 pm


1. After you have completed the Underground Pass quest, a squire will randomly appear, and will give you a message. Read it, and says you are to go to King Lathas(in ardougne second floor of castle). King Lathas will tell you that the wizards have completed making the portal and that you are to go through and talk with the Elven King, Lord Iorwerth.

Regicide guide Quests10

2. Head straight through the Underground Pass to the doors at the end to get you into Iban's lair (see Underground Pass quest guide).
Note: You can skip the destroying of the crystal, the killing of the unicorn, and the killing of the Paladins. (Do not talk to the Paladins as they believe that you are an Iban follower and will attack you if you engage them in conversation.)

Regicide guide Dungeo10

3. Go to the path to Iban's chamber (the doll is not needed) and go inside the door. Go straight down the magical well.
Note: You can recharge your Prayer points at the altar, if not continue out of the cave.

Regicide guide Ibansc10

4. Welcome to the land of the Elves! As soon as you arrive you will be confronted by a man named Idris, but two elves named Morvran and Essylt will kill him. They then tell you to go to Lord Iorwerth's camp in the northwest corner of the forest.

Regicide guide Elflan10

Note: There are some dangerous traps you will encounter on the way. For more information refer to the Tirannwn map.

1. Trip wires:
These wires are extremely hard to see. If you walk through them you will be shot by poisoned arrows. The arrows deal 50 damage apiece and poison you at a rate of 20 life points per time. To bypass the trap find the wire and click "Step over".

2. Stick Traps:
These traps will hit you for 80 damage if you fail to cross them. Right click and select pass to maneuver over them.

3. Leaf traps:
These tricky traps appear as trees from the top and leaves/bushes from the side. If you walk over one, then you will receive 150 damage and fall into a nasty pit. To bypass this trap, find it and click "Jump leaves" and you attempt to jump over it.

5. Go to the southwest corner of the forest, past the Leaf trap. Keep continuing southwest and there is a Stick trap, just keep clicking "Pass sticks" till you pass it safely. Take the north path all the way to the Elf Camp. Jump over the Leaf trap and cross the log to access the camp. There, speak to Lord Iorwerth, and he will tell you to seek out his Tracker.

6. Go south past the Leaf trap, and continue south. Speak to the Tracker, and he doesn't trust you. Go back to Lord Iorwerth; he will give you his Crystal pendant. The Tracker will now trust you.

7. The Tracker now tells you to search the west side of camp for a trace of Tyras's men. Go straight west from the tracker and you should see 4 black footprints on the grass. Look at them then return to the Tracker. You are now able to pass through "Dense forests."

Regicide guide Elftra10

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Regicide guide Empty Re: Regicide guide

Post by Vectimyr on Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:35 pm

8. Prepare yourself for battle before proceeding with this step. After you have traveled through the Dense forest you will be attacked by a Tyras Guard (level 110). Once you have slain the guard, no other guards will attack you.

Note: Once you have killed the level 110 Tyras Guard, you can take a ship to Port Tyras for 3200GP and avoid going through the underground pass.

Continue on, but beware of the two nearly invisible trip wires. Jump over one of the trip wires. (If you fail you will receive 10 damage and be poisoned.) It is also recommended to bank all heavy items and keep your weight to a minimum, so you won't be harmed as much by the traps.

Regicide guide Battle10

9. Travel to Tyra's camp either through the dense forest or using a charter ship (a charter ship is much faster, but costs 3,200 gp). Inside the camp talk to General Hining. You are now able to use the Quartermaster's Store to Halberds and a variety of other items.

Note: Once you have spoken to the general, you can restock by taking the boat and back again to Port Tyras. You do not need to use the Underground Pass after this.

Regicide guide Quarte10

10. Go back to the Tracker, and then to Lord Iorwerth. Lord Iorwerth will give you a book about explosives, Big book of bangs. There are several items that you need to make the explosive: Ground sulfur, Pot of quicklime, and a Barrel of naphtha.

Head south of the Tracker. Right click on the swamp, "Take Sulphur." Use a Pestle and mortar to make into Ground sulfur.

Regicide guide Sulphu10

Mine limestone, in the pits that are to the east of the south gate of the Elf City Prifddinas. On the way east to the mining area there should be a Leaf trap and some Dire Wolves (level 88) that you have to run past.
Note: If you go past the Dire Wolves and cannot find the limestone quarry, you have gone too far north. In this case, head back to the Dire Wolves and then head south east and you will find the limestone quarry.

Regicide guide 410

Use the limestone on the small furnace in the Tyras Camp (you will receive 80 damage) to make Quicklime. While you have a Pot in your inventory, use the Quicklime with Pestle and mortar to make a Pot of quicklime. (If you do not have a Pot, one spawns in a tent at the Elf camp.)
Note: It is be possible to bring limestone with you (from Mort'ton or Canifis). It is also possible to use limestone on regular furnace to make Quicklime, but if you do not wear gloves then you will still take damage non the less. You may want to try this before going to Tirannwn, as you may be able to avoid two long trips through the woods.

Pick up a Barrel from the Tyras camp then use it on the swamp south of the Tracker to get Barrel of coal-tar. Now teleport to Falador and put the Barrel of coal-tar and 15-20 pieces of Coal in your inventory. Head to the Chemist in Rimmington (make sure you have brought your Big book of bangs.) Distill the coal tar by putting the Barrel of coal-tar in the distiller then adding Coal (see instructions below). You want your heat in the red/green areas and pressure in the green area. Once you have filled the green 'distilled' bar then exit it then you will have naphtha.

Regicide guide 510

How to Distill:
1. Use the Barrel of coal-tar with the distiller.
2. Right click on the right side of right valve twice (so the tar will flow at maximum.
3. You should see the 'pressure' indicator on the left go up.
When the indicator reaches the green region, click the right side of the valve on the left to 4. let out pressure. (This will raise the indicator on the right.)
5. If it's below the green region, add more coal.
6. If it's above, don't add add coal until it gets lower.
7. The bar on the bottom will start turning green, when it's full you can stop adding coal and close the window on the top right to get your distilled tar.

Regicide guide 610

11. Use the Pot of quicklime with the Barrel of naphtha, and then use the Ground sulphur with the barrel. Fetch your materials for the Underground Pass (Bow and arrows, Spade, Rope, 4 Balls of wool, a hatchet, and a tinderbox.) Head to the Elf camp. Use the Balls of wool on the loom to create a Strip of cloth. Use the Strip of cloth with the Barrel bomb. Voila! You now have your highly explosive compound!

Regicide guide 710

12. Buy a tinderbox (at the Quartermaster's Store, if you do not already have one), cook a Raw rabbit then go to the Catapult and give the man the Cooked rabbit. Use the Barrel bomb on the catapult. A small cut scene will occur.

Regicide guide 810

13. Return to Lord Iorwerth and tell him the news. He will give you a message. Now you teleport to Ardougne and then give the message to King Lathas. On the way, a man named Arianwyn will talk to you.

Regicide guide 910


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Regicide guide Empty Re: Regicide guide

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